City To Pedestrians: Please Take Care Walking Around Summit

Photo credit: Christopher Hollenstein
Photo credit: Christopher Hollenstein

The last few winter storms have left Summit blanketed in over 20 inches of snow and ice and forecasts indicate that more snow may be on the way.  While the Division of Public Works continues its effort to maintain safe City streets and sidewalks, freezing temperatures have created slippery conditions for pedestrians in many areas around town. 

"Every winter the hazards of driving in snow and icy conditions are noted, but walking on snow and ice needs to be addressed as well," explains City Administrator Christopher Cotter. "We are asking pedestrians to take extra precautions during this period of challenging winter weather."

Cotter further describes concerns for younger pedestrians who are walking to and from school, or out enjoying a snowy day. “When snow is plowed to the curb, the residual snow banks can be tempting for children to climb,” Cotter continues. “This is extremely dangerous when you consider how easily a child could slip and fall into the street and be seriously injured.” 

The City of Summit offers the following tips for pedestrians of all ages for traversing the winter landscape:


•             Stick to sidewalks and avoid walking in the street especially early in the morning or after dark.

•             Wear shoes with heavy treading and a flat bottom that place the entire foot on the surface of the ground.

•             Wear light colored or reflective clothing to enhance visibility.

•             Take extra time walking on icy sidewalks and in parking lots. Avoid icy spots and be aware of any nearby vehicles.

•             Ice will often appear in the mornings and evenings; be more aware during those times. 

•             Be aware of where you are walking. Falling snow and ice can cause injuries.

•             Encourage children to avoid playing in or on snow banks.  The passing driver may not see a child.

rh February 11, 2014 at 06:55 PM
Summit has sidewalks on all roads, especially those that students use, so what could be the problem? Not like the streets aren't clear and parents are blocking the road to park to pick up their children.


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