Moving Into School Days

What happens if you did NOT buy and move over the summer before school days began?

YOU HAVE NOT MISSED OUT: There is no need to panic if you did not buy a home in the spring and move over the summer as the real estate market will be very busy for the next couple of months. Sellers have returned from vacation, their teens have gone off to college, closets are being emptied, rooms straightened and thanks to hurricane Irene, basements re-carpeted. Soon you will see new For Sale signs.

THE NEW KID: Many buyers feel that moving over the summer is the best for their children. But wait a minute, think back to when you were in school and a new kid came into the classroom mid-school year. You paid them special attention; you noticed them. Remember saying to your friends, ‘Did you meet the new kid yet?’ And there always seemed to be a child or group that was the unofficial welcoming committee. Maybe they sat next to them in class or had an adjacent locker. It is not always so bad for the child who just moved mid-school year. As soon as they make one friend all else seems to fall in place.

SAYING GOOD-BYE: By moving mid-school year, your child is able to return to their own familiar school, see their acquaintances after summer vacation, and then have the opportunity to say good-bye to friends and even teachers or coaches.

LONESOME: When children move in the middle of the summer, it can be lonesome. It is not as easy to meet new friends when school is not in session. On the first days of school a newly moved child can feel lonesome watching the other children reunite and rekindle their friendships after the summer months. 

So to all the Mom’s and Dad’s who still want to BUY A HOME AND MOVE THIS FALL, plan on being a part of the active market we are quickly coming into.  Interest rates are still at their all time consistent low and seller’s are serious about selling (I did not say desperate, I said serious). Also, there will most likely be less buyer competition at this time for the home that strikes your fancy, so why wait? Households move twelve months out of the year. So as we move into school days, happy selling, buying, and MOVING.


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