Video: Ex-Hilltopper Turns Grand Summit Hotel Into Interactive Theater

Hotel Project has brought three playwrights from across the globe to Summit to write stories inspired by three hotel rooms, for one spectator at a time.

Doug Howe had to return to Summit for two reasons: to help his mother move, and to kick off the U.S. tour of his collaborative theater project. Check out this video to see the graduates reasons for bringing a piece of interactive theater to the sheets and walls of .

Ticket info: $45 per person (there's a limited number for this event) Go here to order.

Showtimes for Summit and NYC:

HOTEL PROJECT- New Jersey at The Grand Summit Hotel
570 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ

January 27th - 29th 
SHOWTIMES Friday 5:45pm thru 9:20pm
Saturdays & Sundays 1:45pm thru 9:20pm

HOTEL PROJECT - New York City at The Washington Jefferson Hotel
318 West 51st Street, NYC

February 3rd - 5th 
SHOWTIMES Friday 6:00pm thru 9:40pm
Saturdays & Sundays 1:45pm thru 9:40pm


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