Fertility Center Offers Support Through Online Message Board

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility has a satellite office in Union County.

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility has announced the launch of their new online message board. This message board is designed to offer advice and support from those experiencing fertility challenges as well as from the Center’s physicians, who will be visiting the board once a day to answer any general questions posed by visitors.

The purpose of the boards is support based. Physicians and staff at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility have long understood from patients and their families that the need for support through the fertility treatment process is profound. It’s important to the Center that these boards are accessible to anyone on their own fertility journey and not just the current patients of the Center.

“During the 15 years our Center has treated fertility patients, it’s become apparent that the best support women and their families receive are from those who are going through the same challenges. That’s the ultimate purpose of introducing our own message boards. We’d like for CARMF to be the connection for all fertility patients – those from within our own practice and those outside as well. We envision a place for everyone to tell their stories, gain support and ask our physicians some questions in hopes that the answers may make the journey a little less stressful,” said Dr. Gregory Corsan, co-founder of the Center for Reproductive Medicine & Fertility.

The introduction of the message boards is based on that premise, “When we reduce patient stress and increase patient support, we hope to increase success levels, helping more patients achieve their goals. And that’s the ultimate objective for all fertility patients and their physicians,” Dr. Corsan explained.

The new message boards can be accessed at http://www.infertilitydocs.com/forum/. CARMF physicians will be answering board questions once per day every day and the Center will be getting the word out through their own patients and through the web to reach others outside their own practice.

“We’re serious about extending our help and support to anyone experiencing fertility treatments and hope that we can reach as many patients as possible with this vehicle of support and advice,” Dr. Corsan stated to underscore the practice’s commitment to the launch of this new message board service.

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility is a full-service fertility treatment center headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. The Center has satellite offices in Princeton and Cranford. Services include FET, IUI, Semen Analysis, among others.

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility can be reached at 732-339-9300.


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