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Readers' Choice: Where Do You Go for Summit's Best Brunch?

Mother's Day is coming, so do everyone a favor and show a little love for the place that is Summit's go-to spot to pamper Mom for her big day.

The word "brunch" just makes you feel warm all over as you contemplate the options for a luscious breakfast/lunch hybrid.

Brunch also conveys a leisurely start to the day: You likely slept late, passed on the hectic activities and are poised to pamper yourself by letting someone else do the cooking. Prefer breakfast? Fine. A carving station in your future? Absolutely. The options are plentiful in the buffet that allows you to start with a glass of fresh-squeezed juice (infused, perhaps, with some champagne). Fruit, Eggs Benedict and assorted fresh-from-the-oven goodies have no calories when you take the time to pamper yourself.

This week's Readers' Choice is no accident. We know that all good husbands and children want to make mom feel special for Mother's Day, so why not identify the eateries that make brunch special — and then lock up an early reservation for the family.

Please cast your ballots this week and share your comments about what makes your favorite place so special. We will monitor the votes during the week and announce the winner and runners-up on Friday. Enjoy!



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