Summit Stores and Holiday Returns

Retailer's gift-return policies vary, check out our list.

Still hanging on to that Christmas sweater or Hanukkah present that you know doesn't fit? How about those jeans that weren't quite what you wanted? Don't fret. If youwant to return a holiday gift that was bought downtown take a look as some retailers and their holiday gift-return policy:




371 Springfield Ave.

For the holidays, customers have until January 31st to return items.

Dor L’ Dor

447 Springfield Ave

Depends when item was purchased. If it was after Thanksgiving customers have until January 8th. Beyond that, you can return an item up until two weeks after it was originally purchased in order to get back the full amount you spent.

After two weeks the customer is refunded through store credit.

431 Springfield Ave.

Customers have seven days to return an item in order to receive a full refund. Store credit is offered for returns up to 30 days. Gifts are exchangeable for store credit only.

447 Springfield Ave.

Return anything, including tailored items. Jewelry

446 Springfield Ave. 


Customers have 30 days to return an item, excluding sale and special order pieces. Shoes

382 Springfield Ave.

Customer’s are given two weeks after Christmas to return shoes. 

Other Gifts

333 Springfield Ave.

Gifts purchased anytime between October 2011 and the holidays have until January 25th to be returned.

96 Summit Ave.

Customers have until January 15th to complete all holiday exchanges.


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