City Issues Statement From JCP&L: Projects Nearly Every Customer Restored This Weekend

The city received a statement late this afternoon that says "estimates should be viewed as guarantees." City and utility ask residents to help with list of citywide outages.

The following is from the City of Summit:


NOVEMBER 10, 2012 AT 5 PM 

JCP&L's states. . . 

"Please see the Outages List that JCP&L knows about on streets in Summit. If you do not have service and your street is not on this list, JCP&L needs you to please call (888) LIGHTSS (544-4877) and report your outage. This is vital for you to do so to have your service restored. 

Our (JCP&L's) intention is to work to restore the largest outages first. Most likely, those streets with the greatest number of customers will see service restored sooner, with homes that require individual service line repairs coming later. However, there may be instances in which our crews might assess the project take a different approach to complete work more efficiently. This might have a slight impact on some estimates, but not affect the goal of total restoration. 

These are estimates. The amount of damage coupled with adjustments that are made by our crews in the field makes predicting exact restoration times difficult. As a result, none of these estimates should be viewed as guarantees."

JCP&L reports on Nov 10, 2012 that many crews are in Summit working to restore electric service and about 1,000 of Summit homes remain without power. They also report that nearly every customer will be restored today and tomorrow. 


Daniel MacMahon November 11, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Pardon my skepticism. If they can really hook up 1000 customers overnight, why didn't they do that a week ago?
Joan k November 11, 2012 at 03:36 AM
We understand what an estimate is and how it is different from a guarantee. However when you originally said 1100 people' would be restored on weds then changed it the day of to 11. That original number is not an estimate it is a joke. And when you keep telling people power will be restored in the next couple days but do not deliver that too is not an estimate its a lie... We understand what an estimate is JCP&L might want to look it up.


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