Extensions for Summit Tax Collection, Student Loan Payments in NJ

Gov. Chris Christie signed executive orders extending grace periods for paying fourth-quarter taxes, which were due Nov. 1 through the 10th, and for paying state financial aid, and applying for state college grants.

For those areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, which include Summit, the State of New Jersey has extended some important deadlines to ease any financial worries you might have when it comes to paying your fourth-quarter taxes and student financial aid.

"After the hurricane, many families need time to put their lives back together," Secretary of Higher Education Rochelle Hendricks said in a recent statement. "When students have been without power or their homes have been flooded, they should not need to worry about their financial aid.”

Students who are paying off a state Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, or HESAA, loan now have an additional month to make their payments. Students seeking funding through scholarships or grants that include the Tuition Aid Grant (TAG), part-time TAG for County College program, Educational Opportunity Fund, NJ STARS/II, and Governor's Urban Scholarship program have additional time to provide necessary tax information to support their application. 

For Summit residents who need more time to get their fourth-quarter taxes taken care of the grace-period deadline has moved to this Friday, Nov. 16. Mary Testori, the Summit tax collector, in an email to residents said, "Tax payments received after Nov. 16 will be charged interest back to the original due date of Nov. 1."  

The Summit tax office is open from 8:30a.m. until 4:30p.m., Monday through Friday. Residents can use a silver drop-box near the entrance to City Hall. Online payment is also available through the city's website: www.cityofsummit.org. Click "Online Payments", then click "Pay My Taxes." The tax office can be reached at 908-277-9427, during business hours.

More information is available regarding New Jersey grants and scholarships by calling HESAA at 1-800-792-8670, option#2.

Educational Opportunity Fund questions should be directed to Glenn Lang, acting assistant Secretary of Higher Education at (609) 984-2709,  or via email at glenn.lang@njhe.state.nj.us


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