Send Us Your Hurricane Sandy Photos and Observations

As Sandy moves in, we'll all be struck in our homes or shelters between Monday and Tuesday. Help us keep your neighbors up-to-date by sending in your info and pictures.

Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching New Jersey, bringing heavy rain and strong wind that will create a path of desctruction in our area.

To keep your neighbors well informed, Summit Patch is asking you to send in your pictures of how Hurricane Sandy. We're also asking for you to send us updates, and let us know what's happening right outside your front door. How are you and your children coping with the storm? What about the family pets?

Flooding? Downed trees or power lines? What are you seeing and hearing as Sandy whips through Summit? Let us know so we can tell your fellow residents!

Here's how:

1. Post a message in the comments section of this article

2. Upload your pics to this article by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos"

3. Add your photos to our neighborhood gallery

4. E-mail pics and info to Camilo.Smith@patch.com or text them to me at 908-812-6281

Please, stay safe everyone!


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