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Stock Up On Essential Supplies Now For Hurricane Sandy

This storm could hit the New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Mountainside area by Monday and cause more damage than Irene. Stock up on supplies at local stores today.

We all remember what happened when Irene and Snowtober hit our towns, right?

Well, Hurricane Sandy may be making landfall in our area as early as Monday and if you’re not prepared, it’s time to start now.

Supplies at area hardware stores are running low. Be sure to get your essentials TODAY, including flashlights, batteries, battery-powered radios, sandbags and generators.

Wally Flynn, an employee at McGrath’s Paint & Hardware Store in New Providence, said the store is already sold out of generators.

However, the store has sump pumps, hardware, batteries, flashlights and extension cords. He said he is getting a continuous flow of some supplies into the store.

Over at Berkeley Paint & Hardware in Berkeley Heights, store owner Mark Vicendese said he still have some supplies left, but they are going fast.

“Right now, I have some flashlights and a pretty good supply of batteries, but they are going quick. I have extension cords,” Vicendese said. “My warehouse is closed this weekend so I can’t react to the store. None of the True Value stores can, but we’re trying to get as much stuff in here as we can.”

Vicendese said he does not carry generators in his store.

If you're looking for a generator, search on the Internet for out-of-town stores that may still have generators in stock.

Do you have a first aid kit, water and non-perishables fully stocked?

If not, try to hit some of these local stores today before supplies begin to dwindle. Remember, you can get batteries and flashlights at these stores, too.

A&P – 1260 Springfield Ave. in New Providence

CVS – 1260 Springfield Ave. in New Providence

Walgreens – 343 Springfield Ave. in Berkeley Heights

Kings Super Market – 434 Springfield Ave. in Berkeley Heights

South Street Market – 64 South St. in New Providence

Country Farm Store – 378 Springfield Ave. in Berkeley Heights


Also, please read up on the 5 things you should do to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, just in case.


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