(Update Nov. 10): Summit Facebook Group Keeps Spreadsheet of Street Outages

The group Power-Up Summit was created Thursday night by a three Summit residents. Here is their updated list of power restorations by street, with comments.

The group Power-Up Summit is updating a spreadsheet with places that are still out of power. Here is the most current list updated around 4p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10

Street Out of Power Comments Street Returned to Power Comments Arden Place Ashland Partial Ashland  Partial Badeau Beechwood Bedford Beekman Road Bellevue Beekman Terrace Blackburn Road Partial Blackburn Place Brainerd Druid Hill Lower Butler Edgemont Partial Butler Parkway Fairview Avenue Parts Canoe Brook Fay (not Faye) Colony Court Faye Colony Drive Fernwood Colt Parts Friar Tuck Colt Glendale Road Crescent Greenbriar Dorchester Hartley Edgemont Partial Henry Street Edgewood Road Highland Drive Garden Hillcrest Ave. Glen Oaks  Hillside Hawthorne Place Hobart North part Hickory Hughes Place High Iris Karen Larned South of Ashland Llewellyn Linda Lane Manor Hill Llewelyn Parkview Terrace Maple Pembroke Meadowbrook Court Pine Grove Midland Pine Ridge Drive Montview Portland Mountain Ave Prospect  Norwood Avenue Sunset Just upper Oak Ridge Ave. Utility Truck spotted -- reported 3-4 days til completed (estimate by driver),  Templar Oaklawn Valley View Oakley Wade Oxbow Warwick Pine Grove Woodland Avenue Plymouth Road Sweetbriar side


Streets with Power before 11/10

Comments Portland Ashland Between Maple and Tulip Primrose Place Ashland Road Between Windsor and Colt Risk Ave. Colonial Robin Hood Dale Drive Rotary Drive Deforest Ave. Rowan Road Druid Hill Upper Shadyside Hobart Ave. Sheridan Road Kent Place Blvd. Restored Tuesday Sherman Parts Laurel Ave. Summit Ave. Near Woodmere Lenox Surrey Lorraine Road Templar Half Londonderry Twombly Drive Madison Ave. Valley View Pine Grove Partial Whittredge  parts Propsect between Morris and Blackburn Wildwood Lane Ramsey Woodcroft Silver Lake Drive Woodmere Drive Tanglewood Drive Tulip Street  across from Brayton Webster Avenue Wentworth West End Ave. Power restored Tuesday Whittredge William Street Near Sayre Ramsey Silver Lake Drive Tanglewood Drive Tulip Street  across from Brayton Webster Avenue Wentworth West End Ave. Power restored Tuesday Whittredge William Street Near Sayre Wade Drive


Previous list from Friday, Nov. 9


Street Out of Power


Ashland  Bewteen Pine Grove and Manor Hill, corner of Colony, between Elm Place and Maple Bedford Bellevue Beekman Terrace Blackburn Place Blackburn Road Past Prospect and just below Franklin, "Upper Blackburn Road" Brainerd Butler Parkway Canoe Brook Cedric Colony Drive Colt Parts Crescent Ave. Dorchester Druid Hill Lower Edgewood Drive Edgewood Road Faye Fernwood Friar Tuck Garden Road Glen Oaks Road Glendale Road Hartley Hawthorne Place Hickory Road High Hillcrest Ave. Iris Karen Way Larned South of Ashland Linda Lane Midland Mountain Ave Intersection with Tulip and West Oak Ridge Ave. Utility Truck spotted -- reported 3-4 days til completed (estimate by driver),  Oaklawn Oxbow Pembroke Parkview Pine Grove Pine Ridge Drive Plymouth Road Sweetbriar side Portland Primrose Place Prospect  at High St. to Pine Grove Robin Hood Shadyside Sherman Parts Summit Ave. Near Woodmere Sunset Surrey Twombly Drive Valley View Wade Drive Warwick Whittredge  parts Winchester Woodcroft Woodland Avenue Woodmere Drive Streets with Power Comments Ashland Between Maple and Tulip Ashland Road Between Windsor and Colt Colonial Dale Drive Druid Hill Upper Hobart Ave. Kent Place Blvd. Restored Tuesday Laurel Ave. Lenox Lorraine Road Madison Ave. Propsect between Morris and Blackburn Silver Lake Drive Tanglewood Drive Tulip Street  across from Brayton Webster Avenue West End Ave. Power restored Tuesday Whittredge


AG November 09, 2012 at 08:37 PM
I just shake my head when I see this article. Why are three Summit residents having to do the work that our elected officials are supposed to do?? Where is the mayor? I keep reading that she is on calls with JCP&L. Maybe she should DEMAND A FACE TO FACE meeting with JCP&L and drive through Summit and get things done. Mayor, you can't lead a town on the telephone. And from what I can gather, her council is useless. If Mayor Dickson can't handle this alone, where is her council? One of them should implore her to get off the phone and facebook get some action!
Tony Williamson November 09, 2012 at 09:06 PM
This information townwide is very helpful. We've needed it since the storm hit. Kudos to the people who put it together. Is there a way to continue this format/information source for use in future blackouts on a much more timely basis??
Concerned Taxpayer November 10, 2012 at 01:59 AM
Exactly why I started getting involved myself on Tuesday by placing a large sign on front lawn to show how fed up I was, it continued with a call to the Mayor, CEO of First Energy and lodging a complaint with Board of Utilities. Half my street is out on both sides but I guarantee you no one moved beyond calling JCPL to report an outtage. We pay high taxes here and we deserve better from elected officials but unfortunately we are left holding the flashlights. Speak up Summit and make it better for everyone. I applaud the efforts and hope it continues even when the lights return!
Lori November 10, 2012 at 12:20 PM
These organizers have done more for our town in just a few days than the Mayor has done in a week. Kudos to them and let's all keep calling, emailing, tweeting the press, the government, the energy executives, etc. we can't rely on Summit officials to advocate loudly on our behalf, clearly.
David Goodstein November 10, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Please add Wallace Rd and Rose Ln to your no power list.
Joanne Capatides November 10, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Please add 25 Norwood Avenue (The Cloisters Condominium and the neighboring Kent Court to the outage list. I also would like to express my gratitude for these proactive citizens who are organizing our town.
Andrea F Kilby November 10, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Please add all of Oxbow Lane & Summit Avenue from the house right before the temple to the bridge over Rte. 24.
Joan k November 11, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Great job ladies! I echo Lori's statement on the poor performance on the part of our elected officials and JCP&L. I strongly will be looking to actively get rid of both.


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