Summit First Aid Squad Helps With Successful Turkey Drive

Other Fellow First Foundation's food drive boosts collection for Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

One would think on their day off that the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad might curl up in front of a fire on Sunday afternoon and watch the Giants or the Jets game.  

Not in Summit.  

This past Sunday, an army of Rescue Squad volunteers, of all ages showed up to help the Other Fellow First Foundation conduct its 5th annual turkey drive on the Sunday before Thanksgiving in front of the Summit Diner.  Kathleen DiChiara, President of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, who received the fruits of the successful drive, said, "most of the other turkey drives throughout the state were experiencing lower results when measured against last year.  

However, Summit was a notable exception.  In three hours, Summit's results this year were 13 percent better than last year."

She went on to say that this year's visit from Sandy was challenging her organizations ability to keep up with demand from the needy.

Kathleen, who lives in Summit, was gratified to see both the Other Fellow First Foundation, and the Summit rescue squad collaborate with each other to produce comfort for New Jersey families in distress.

---Other Fellow First Foundation


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