Ellwood “Woody” Kerkeslager and Paul A. Tukey Join Hometown Board

Mr. Tukey, a Summit resident, holds a doctorate in statistics and data analysis.

Ellwood “Woody” Kerkeslager and Paul A. Tukey were newly elected to the Board of Trustees of at the local access station’s Annual Meeting held at Kent Place Schoolin Summit on April 29th .  

Mr. Kerkeslager’s career includes leadership positions with Bell Labs and AT&T; volunteer efforts at the local, regional and national level; and civic positions including a stint as Mayor of Madison. He is currently CEO of Information Futures, LLC. 

Mr. Tukey, a Summit resident, holds a doctorate in statistics and data analysis. He recently retired from the Research Division of Telcordia Technologies after previously serving at Bell Labs and Bellcore. He has extensive experience in website design and development.

In addition to the full Board of Trustees, a slate of Officers and Executive Committee members were nominated and approved for the year 2012-2013.

The full Board of Trustees consists of Joe Amatucci, Jack Anderson (Treasurer), Dan Baer (Executive Vice President for Community Relations), Paul Carniol, John Crosby, Bob Davies (Secretary), Fran Franklin, Emi Havas (Vice President for Special Gifts), Mike Helmer, Fred Honold (President), Jim Kellogg, Woody Kerkeslager, Frank Macioce (Executive Vice President for Governance & Policy), Miles MacMahon (Parliamentarian), Tom McDermott, Paula Mooney (Executive Vice President for Marketing), Dawn Moriarity, David Mozes, Carlyle Newell (Vice President for Special Gifts), Chase Newhart, Henry Ogden (Vice President for Community), Janet Parmelee (Vice President for Planning), Marybeth Robb (Vice President of News Professionalism), Kassandra Romas, Hill Rose, Bill Rosen, John Serruto (Executive Vice President for Programs & Productions), Bob Sheehan, Roger Smith (Executive Vice President for Membership & Media), Hank Somerville, Paul Tukey (Vice President for Technology), Monica Vir and Rick Wolffe (Vice President for Strategy). The Executive Committee consists of Dan Baer, Fred Honold, Frank Macioce, Paula Mooney, John Serruto and Roger Smith.


For over 30 years, HomeTowne TV has pursued its mission of showcasing the people, events and issues important to our area. HTTV is broadcast to 30 towns in Union, Essex, Morris and Somerset Counties via Verizon channel 33 and Comcast channel 36. In addition, HTTV’s programs are streamed over its website, www.HomeTowneTV.org. Visit the website for more information and program listings.





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