The 21st Century Student…

21st Century Student…. Strategies and interactive lessons to help you guide students to STOMP OUT cyberbullying and inappropriate online behavior.

“Jill, your concept is very sound; your audience, however, is way too old. As a grade school admin, I suggest 6th grade. While pictures they post aren’t as sexual in nature, they lay the foundation for more explicit postings as older teens. I have two beautiful teen girls, but not all of their 1000 “friends” need to see them in swimsuits posing like rock stars with their friends by the pool.”

Thank you so much for your comments! I completely agree with you regarding the need to teach our 6th graders and middle school students which types of pictures are appropriate or inappropriate to post on Instagram or FB. In my work, I start talking about it in 5th grade and even 4th grade in some school districts. The lesson you are referring to, which included the picture of the couple, along with the discussion questions are an excerpt from our high school curriculum.

One of the great things about these discussion groups and comment sections is that it allows me, the writer, to see what I can’t always see on my own. Administrators, teachers and parents need a solution for all ages! They need a detailed plan on how to address these online issues with their students and children. They need lessons that kids can relate to. They need 21st century lessons, not lectures. They need lessons that were written specifically for 21st century students using techniques such as:

  • ·         Collaboration
  • ·         Interaction
  • ·         Opportunities to learn critical thinking skills
  • ·         Making connections
  • ·         Applying problem solving tactics
  • ·         Using inferencing strategies
  • ·         Drawing conclusions

Once these kids learn the tools, they will be able to predict the outcome of various decisions they make online, even at times when we adults are not looking over their shoulder. 

It is my honor to provide a lesson to my audience which is appropriate for younger kids. The purpose of this curriculum is to address the following:

1.            Problem:  Most adults don’t know the types of pictures kids are posting online. In order for a lesson to be effective with kids, it must be centered around a real life situation. If the kids can’t relate to the lesson, they will never “buy into” our suggested solution. The picture in this lesson is from a 6th grader’s Instagram. My goal is to show adults what is typical in an online photo album or profile on Instagram and/or Facebook. Many times adults aren’t aware of this problem.  

2.            Solution:  My goal is to provide my readers with a specific lesson to complete with your students or children. The key to this lesson is the delivery.  Rather than tell the child what the solutions are, we believe that it is more effective if the adult facilitates a discussion that will allow the children to understand the dangers and consequences of posting an inappropriate picture. This lesson is an excerpt from The 21st Century Student Middle School Curriculum, Volume 3. (In the curriculum there is a corresponding video so that the teacher simply hits play and pause, making this lesson extremely easy to present and requires zero prep.   For the sake of this blog, I have provided the discussion questions which require a little more effort on the educator’s part.)

This lesson is an excerpt from the curriculum,

The 21st Century Student….

Strategies and interactive lessons to help you guide students to STOMP OUT cyberbullying and inappropriate online behavior.


Sit with you teen/teens. Show them this picture from FB. I found this picture on a 6th graders page. Use the questions below to guide them in a discussion with you regarding the types of pictures that are acceptable to post on-line.

  • ·         What do you think of this picture?
  • ·         Is there anything wrong with what these teens are doing in this picture?
  • ·         Is there anything wrong with this picture?
  • ·         Have you ever taken a picture with you and your friends at the pool or at the beach?
  • ·         Have your parents ever taken a picture of you in a bathing suit?
  • ·         Is there anything wrong with putting this picture in a photo album or in a picture frame in your house?
  • ·         Do kids post pictures like this on Instagram and FB?
  • ·         What are your thoughts about these girls?
  • ·         What are the words you would use to describe these girls in this picture?
  • ·         Is it possible that you have some negative thoughts about these girls?
  • ·         Is it possible that this picture causes you to have an opinion about one of these girls that is not true at all?
  • ·         Have you ever heard of someone’s online account or personal account being hacked into?
  • ·         Is it possible for someone to hack into your Instagram account?
  • ·         Is it possible for someone to hack into your FB account?
  • ·         If you set your privacy settings, is it possible for someone to get access to your account?
  • ·         Do you know how to copy and paste?
  • ·         Did you know that any picture on the internet can be copied and pasted?
  • ·         Did you know that if the picture doesn’t allow you to copy it, you can take a screen shot, paste it into paint and then do whatever you want with it?
  • ·         Have you ever Googled something and found pictures of that person or thing you Googled?
  • ·         Did you know that once you post a picture online that Google saves it?
  • ·         Did you know that if you post a picture on line and then you delete it, it is still living in the online world?
  • ·         Have you ever heard of the term, “digital footprint”?  What does that refer to?  If you don’t know, Google it.
  • ·         Tell a story of someone you know that had pictures or comments seen by people they didn’t want to.
  • ·         Go on your phone or computer. Find a story of someone you don’t know that had pictures or comments seen by people that they didn’t want to!
  • ·         If you were one of these girls, would it be OK with you if every boy in your school had a copy of this and had it hanging in their locker? 
  • ·         If you were these girls, would it be OK if someone copy and pasted this picture onto their computer or kept it in their pictures on their phone?
  • ·         Do you know what a billboard is?
  • ·         Imagine that the principal of you school has decided to put a billboard in the front lawn of the school. The principal’s idea is to praise certain students each day. The principal will Google your name, find a picture of you and post it on the billboard, along with one of your accomplishments.
  • ·         If you were one of these girls, is this the kind of picture you would want on the billboard?
  • ·         Go on your phone or computer. Find a picture of your school. Imagine where that billboard would be.
  • ·         Think about the pictures you have online. Are you comfortable with any of those pictures being displayed on that billboard?
  • ·         Find a partner. Log in to your FB or the site where you keep your pictures on line. 
  • ·         Have your partner look through your pictures.
  • ·         Ask your partner to pick out any pictures they may think would not be a good idea to be displayed on the billboard for the whole school to see.
  • ·         Ask yourself if you think it makes sense to delete these pictures.

Have a great day! Yours Truly, Ms. Brown–

Jill Brown

Generation Text Online


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