For the Love of Engagement Announcements

Some publications submission processes reminiscent of Internet ice age.

One of the most exciting thing so far about getting engaged has been sharing the good news with so many friends and family.

One key element to that is sending your engagement announcement to various local publications. Now, I know I'm a little biased, but posting my announcement on Summit Patch was by far the easiest. I had never really posted an announcement before for something personal, but I knew that if I didn't use Patch for my own engagement, how could I ask other people to do the same?

But after having done it and several other submissions at print publications, I had by far the most control here on Patch. I could upload my own photo, edit my own text and post it instantly.

However, I knew I had to send my announcement to several print publications as well.

Here's the rundown of where and how to send in engagement announcements to several area print publications:

  • The Daily Record: E-mail your engagement announcement and photo in .jpg format to jmellini@gannett.com.
  • The Independent Press: NJN Publishing uses an online submission form which you can access here. However, someone from the newspaper will follow up with you to confirm your submission.
  • The New Jersey Herald: For those of you originally from Sussex County or with fiances from that area, The New Jersey Herald also uses an online submission form. While these forms are annoying, the Herald's was by far the easiest to use out of the other with forms. However, you need to e-mail your photo in separately.
  • The Bergen Record: Honestly, this site confused me so much I never sent anything in. If anyone knows how to submit an announcement to them, please share that info with us via e-mail at heather@patch.com.

As for what to write, keep it simple. If you're like me and you're still not 100 percent sure of your wedding date or you're just plain sick of people asking, just put the season and year you're hoping to get married, such as "Fall 2011." Otherwise, basic biographical information: your parents announce the engagement of you to your fiance, son or daughter of his/her parent's names. Then where you both graduated from and what you do for a living. That's it!

If you have any tips or questions for planning a wedding in Summit, e-mail heather@patch.com and we'll include your comments in a future edition of the column.

Henrietta Mahon July 09, 2010 at 02:04 PM
i sent my own announcement to the star ledger instead of using their form, because when i would read what they printed for others it made me cringe (mrs jane doe and the late john doe announce...). when i found out how expensive it was, i decided to skip it and just wait til my daughter and fiance are married.


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