Letter to the Editor: Washington School Second Graders Rake in Over $3,000

The Saving the Summit Fire Truck fundraiser has netted $3,570.21 so far. Take a look at the students' photos.

Dear Summit Residents,
Thank you for taking such an interest in Saving the Summit Fire Truck. As of this morning our class has raised $3,570.21.  

Even though we are done collecting money at Washington School the fire truck still needs your support.

Please send in checks to the Summit Historical Society attention Friends of the Fire Truck.

You can also follow up at www.summitchemicalengine.org !

Our class has become experts on money so that question of the day is Are You Smarter Than a Second Grader?

  • When was the penny first made? 1787
  • Who designed the first penny? Benjamin Franklin?
  • When was the nickel first made? 1866
  • The dime was made in 1796
  • Do you know which coins are no longer made?

Copper 1/2 cent(1793-1857)        

2 cent piece (1864-1873)        

3 cent copper nickel (1851-1873)        

half dime (1794-1872)        

20 cent piece (185-1878)        

Trade dollars (1873-1885)

  • Can you name who is on the different coins?


Abraham Lincoln        


Thomas Jefferson        


Franklin D Roosevelt        


George Washington

  • Why did the country make a special penny in 2009?

        It was for Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday There were 4 different backs of the pennies to celebrate his 200th birthdate

  • How much does it cost to make a penny?

        It costs .016 cents to make a penny which means it costs more to make a penny then a penny is   worth.

  • Which US Dollar Coins are no longer made?

        The Morgan or Peace Silver Dollars are no longer made.

  • Why to they put the year on a coin?

        So people can keep track of a coin's circulation.

  • Why is the 1/2 dollar not used a lot?

        Because vending machines do not take half dollar coins.

  • How much are Indian head coins worth?

        Today they are worth anywhere from $9.00 to $3,325

  • What coin was used as for one cent before a penny?

        The Indian head coin was worth 1 cent and it had a picture of Lady Liberty with a headdress     on it.

  • Why do you have to be dead to be on a coin?  George Washington said at first he did not want to be on money. When he died to honor him, the country put him on a coin. Now in order to be on a coin it is a law that you have to be dead.
  • Do you know how to tell if money is counterfeit?

        Raised ink so you can feel it       security thread, plastic strips running from top to bottom        watermark image of person where face is on the bill,        color shifting - ink that appears to change from green to black when the bill is tilted,                        microprinting - tiny words around the security thread or the face.

Tune in next week for Are Your Smarter Than a Second Grader - All About Summit!


--Laura Madden 2M


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