Letter to the Editor: Wilson Park Shouldn't Be a Late-Night Hangout

A resident writes to Patch about what he thinks is an ongoing problem at a local playground.

To the Editor:

We live in close proximity to Wilson Park. Almost every Friday and/or Saturday night (and by night I mean between midnight and 3AM), some of our local teens find it to be the ideal spot for beer drinking, fireworks, and loud noise. (Which of course begs the question: "Who is buying the beer for them?") One needs only to stroll through the park the following morning to find it littered with dozens of empty beer cans and bottles.

And when the carousing ends in the wee small hours, these now half-drunk children think nothing of screaming and shouting as they wend their ways home. A home I might add that has parents who couldn't care less about the safety and welfare of their kids.

The Summit Police have been called almost every weekend by neighbors infuriated by having their peace and quiet disrupted by these goings-on. They respond time and again only to arrive after the hooligans have left the area. We have requested routine drive-throughs of the park. And for a while they did. But that seems to have stopped. In addition to all of the carrying-on mentioned above, these kids have rung people's doorbells, damaged private property, and trespassed on other houses.

What will our Mayor and City Council members do about this. What will the Summit Police do about this. But more importantly, what will the parents do about this.

--Angry in Summit.


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