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Resident: Sullivan 'A Clear Choice'


To the Editor,  

As election day looms, there is more here than just electing a new president. We also have our local races. We here in Chatham Township need Kevin Sullivan to be elected to the Township Committee.

He has served our town well over the years, has a great background, has served our country, is a family man, etc. He has what it takes to serve us with solid common sense, thoughtfulness, fiscal responsibility and knowledge of our town needs.

Kevin Sullivan has been endorsed by many in town, existing, and former members of the Committee, as well as current and former mayors. Member of the planning board, Member of St. Pats, former coach of our children, and a good and decent man. I have had the privilege of dealing with Mr. Sullivan at the planning board level, as well other functions in town. Vote Sullivan on Nov. 6!  

His opponent is Erich Templin, who is currently suing our town over residents growing vegetables, constantly antagonizes neighbors and local businesses, slanders and defames any and all who oppose his sick and twisted views. He is not even endorsed by his own Democrat party in town, and has regularly been visited by our local police for his harassment of the neighbors and local businesses. 

Any decent person distances themselves from this evil and vile man. He has never volunteered his time for anything here in town, rarely resides in his "home", and lies and manipulates facts whenever possible to suit his warped agenda. We cannot have a committee person who will sue the township whenever a vote does not go his way. 

Most in Green Village reject him and his few backers. Generally he hides behind fake names on the  Chatham Patch. Templin refused to show up for the usual League of Women Voters debate, afraid to be called out for who and what he truly is. Templin is simply not what Chatham Township needs.  

So it is clear who to vote for to serve as our next Township Committee Member. Kevin Sullivan wishes to serve with dignity and the greatest intent, and has earned the respect of all those in town who know him.

Vote Sullivan Nov. 6!  


Daniel Silas Miller  
Chatham Township Resident, Green Village section.
Former Candidate for Committee 
Former Planning Board member
Republican Committee member


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