130 JCP&L Customers Lose Power Christmas Night

Summit firefighters respond to burning tree after limbs come in contact with wires.

A power outtage caused by a tree branch left over 100 homes in Summit dark on Christmas night. responded to a burning tree on Ashland Avenue, where the branch had come in contact with power lines, according to a JCP&L spokesperson.

At about 9 p.m. residents lost power after part of a tree came in contact with "primary wires". Firefighters were called to extinguish a burning tree and JCP&L had to cut the power. In all, 130 residents were left without their holiday lights for a short while, according to spokesperson, Mike Obremsky. He could not say how long it took crews to restore power, but everying was back to normal later that night.

(This post contains user-submitted content from Councilman-elect Pat Hurley. If you have any photos to share from this event, please up them here to Summit Patch.)


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