After The Storm: Safety Tips For Summit Residents

While the storm has come and gone, here are some helpful tips to remember from the City of Summit.

The winter storm dumped about 14 inches of snow on Summit between Friday night and Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Here are some tips from Paul Cascais, Superintendent of Summit Department of Public Works, and Beth Kinney, Director of Community Services in Summit:

  • Wait until the DPW has finished plowing your road before shoveling your driveway. If you need to get out of your driveway before plowing is finished, move the snow from your driveway to the left when facing your driveway. That way, it minimizes how much snow will be pushed back in front of your driveway by snow plows.
  • Clear off the sidewalks in front of your residence within 24 hours of snow stopping. Summit is a walking community and when snow is on the ground, some residents prefer to walk to their destination because it’s safer.
  • If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, remember to remove the snow around it.
  • Remove snow from and around storm drains, which can be found on nearly every street corner, to prevent property damage, flooding and hazards to those traveling by foot or vehicle.

Here are a few other tips, published on the City of Summit's website:

  • Be a good neighbor! Help by shoveling sidewalks and driveways of elderly neighbors.
  • Residents are encouraged to exercise caution while shoveling during and after the snowstorm. The snow is heavy.  Further, excessive snow/ice load on trees could result in falling branches.  Shake snow off small trees, and on lower branches of larger trees to prevent snow damage.
  • Shoveling or blowing snow into roads is not only illegal it is a hazard to drivers and pedestrians.  When clearing a driveway area, pile snow on the right side of the driveway facing the street. That way, the plow will push the snow away from the driveway entrance and not across it.


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