Getting to Know Det. Elizabeth Rice

Summit's first female detective has made an impact on local policing since 2006.

She's the first female officer ever assigned to the Detective Bureau. Elizabeth "Liz" Rice has received multiple commendations for her efforts on the street, from nabbing drug suspects to arresting an .

She's literally helped save lives since joining the Summit PD in July 2006 after a transfer from the Bedminster Township Police Department. Rice was honored with a Police Chief's Award for Meritorious Service for helping to resuscitate someone thought to be dead. And she's worn many hats in the department, too.  

Rice has been a plain-clothes cop and worked in the community policing unit, she's wheeled a bike around the city as a bicycle patrol officer, and she's helped educate young cadets in the . Still, policing isn't only in her blood, it's in her family. Her husband is Sgt. John R. Rice, Sr. and they're expecting a little Rice in September.

Patch asked the newly minted Det. Rice what she thought about her new job and the honor of serving the Hill City:


How do your job responsibilities change in your new role?

My primary responsibilities now consist of adult criminal investigations.  Our Detective Bureau follows-up and investigates all crimes and suspicious incidents that occur within the City of Summit.  Although I am now in a plain-clothes capacity, Detectives will always avail themselves to any reported incident that needs assistance.

How does it feel to be Summit’s first woman detective?

I am honored.  I am both grateful and thankful to Chief Weck and our new police administration who respect the hard work of the men and women of our department.  

Many women in law enforcement have paved the way for me through their perseverance, hard work and dedication to this career.  I hope to do the same for others, as long as they are willing to work hard for it. 

Had you hoped to achieve this honor so soon in your career?

I chose this career because I felt being a Police Officer was the most honorable profession.  I spent most of my 7 year career in the Patrol Bureau which is truly the backbone of every police department.  That is where I became the officer I am today.  

I am very fortunate to be in a position to gain more skills and experience as a detective. 


Robin Holway July 19, 2012 at 09:57 PM
Liz Rice kicks ass! Go Liz, you deserve it!!!!


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