Teens Now Face Murder Charges in Beating Death

Charges increased from manslaughter to murder on all three teens charged in case.

The Union County Prosecutor's office has upped the charges on all three teens previously charged in the death of Abelino Mazariego from manslaughter to murder.

Kharyi Williams-Clark, the 18-year-old was released on bail Monday. Nineteen-year-old Nigel Dumas, of Morristown, is being held in the Union County jail on $250,000 bail. An unidentified 17-year-old Summit teen is still being held in the county juvenile detention center.

The county medical examiner ruled that Mazariego died as a result of brain injuries sustained in the July 17 attack in the Promenade on Springfield Avenue. One teenager allegedly held a shirt over Mazariego's head while another punched him in the face. Another teen, not one of the three currently charged, videotaped the brutal attack.

Williams-Clark waived his right to appear at his arraignment Friday. As of Tuesday morning, no arraignment date has been set for Dumas.

As a stipulation of his bail, Williams-Clark is prohibited from having any contact with the Mazariego family. He was being held in Union County on $100,000 bail.

Police Chief Robert Lucid said the current whereabouts of Williams-Clark are unknown.

"We are consistently doing more patrols in the downtown in light of what's recently happened and we will continue to do that," he said.

Mayor Jordan Glatt also reiterated that the community should feel safe.

"The police are making every effort and extending the resources to make sure the community is safe," he said.

The victim's son, Abelino Mazareigo, had no comment about Williams-Clark's release Tuesday.

Mazariego had two daughters and two sons, one of whom was arrested by Summit police in June for allegedly attempting to lure a group of Summit teens into his car and providing obscene materials to them.

A nurse at Overlook Hospital was also charged Monday with third degree theft for allegedly stealing $640 from the victim when he was brought to the emergency room on July 17.

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LuvSummit July 27, 2010 at 07:58 PM
Today I was driving up Broad Street coming into town and there were two police patrol cars ostensibly guarding our city from being attacked from the "outside" element. A recent press report quoted Police Chief Lucid as saying that he was stepping up patrols as a result of the recent tragedy. Clearly, this a prime example of how this guy just doesn't get it. Try this, Chief. Have your "patrols" drive around dispersing the packs of young people loitering in front of the cinema, Starbucks and heaven forbid, the park on Springfield Avenue. Chief Lucid has been asleep at the switch for far too long. Its time to bring in an outside professional law enforcement administrator to get the Summit Police Department out of its doldrums. We have become a disgrace and a laughing stock to everyone.
Samantha July 27, 2010 at 08:56 PM
Stop blaming the police and start blaming parents and the idiots that did this to the poor man. It is NOT the responsibility of a police officer (or a teacher) to babysit these kids. Parents should put restrictions on their children. Curfews need to be issued by parents. You want kids to stay off the streets, parents should enforce that or provide a place for their kids to hang. There is nothing wrong with teens or anyone hanging in town, that is what makes Summit the town it is. Police presence is all throughout town. Respect is a learned behavior and a lot of people don't have therefore if the adults on all of these forums are the ones that continually blame the police, I assume it is their kids that are the ones that lack respect. It really is a shame that the morals of so many has gone down hill.
Hilltopper87 July 28, 2010 at 09:29 AM
I just logged onto yahoo and this story is on the front page. I always hoped Summit got known nationally but not this way. I agree with Samantha. The police can only do so much.. I think they need to take a more of a community policing approach. Letting the youth know that it is ok to hang out in town but at the same time it is not a free for all. The SPD needs to make sure it is clear that they are being watched, that they can't block the sidewalks, they don't litter, or beat anyone to death. We need more officers on foot and bike that can actually interact with the people, not just observe from an air-conditioned vehicle. I know with the budget nowadays the man-power is limited but it put officers where they can influence the youth and restore the reputation of our community.
lisa July 28, 2010 at 04:01 PM
While I do agree with the comments above, I feel that rather than spending time pointing fingers as to how this horrible tragedy could have occurred in our town.. we need to be solution oriented. We need to address the lack of appropriate activities for teens who perhaps are without means to go to the movies, bowling, etc. In my opinion, Summit needs a teen center with a real presence. I know the teen center has been the subject of great controversy and I probably don't have all the details, but there are places where Boys and Girls Clubs help to transform neighborhoods. If we put the proper resources into the teen center, over time it might just change the current mentality of what constitutes "cool" behavior.


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