City Administrator Presents Draft of Summit's 2013 Goals (Video)

Last night Summit Common Council heard a reading from a draft of 2013 planning goals for next year.

Council members heard from City Administrator Chris Cotter at Tuesday night's Common Council meeting about the immediate future of Summit. Last month, just days ahead of super-storm Sandy, city officials sat down for their annual 2013 goal setting meeting.

Council President Rich Madden called the goal setting draft prepared by Cotter a "little misleading," since it was created on Oct. 23 and failed to take into consideration the full impact of Sandy. While the draft did mention infrastructure and emergency preparedness and communication, some on the council didn't feel the ideas went far enough.

"I don't know if we have any idea what the cost of Sandy has been to Summit, yet," said Madden, " But, it's going to be huge." He said rebuilding and strengthening infrastructure should be the top goal for 2012. 

Madden mentioned that the choice between removing trees and re-establishing a more stable power grid may come into play.

Other council members such as David Bomgaars seconded the notion that one of the goals should be to look at trees and the power company, offering an idea that the city hire a private firm to asses trees, their trimming, and power lines. Bomgaars mentioned the need to keep utility firm JCP&L on "their toes," when it comes to following up on storm recovery measures.


Below is the text of Cotter's 2013 goal setting draft:



October 23, 2012


2013 GOALS


· Work with Union County Freeholders regarding local taxation

~ Mobilize citizens

· Explore additional shared services with School District · Continue support local industry
· Austerity
· Business recruitment

· Maintain vibrancy of institutions such as the "Friend so the Library" · Alternate revenue sources such as Transfer Station; specialized equipment


· Combined Dispatch

· Communication
~ CodeR ED, Nixie, others

~ InternaL, ExternaL,

~ Development of a Media Plan

· Threat assessment, natural and man made, of institutions, corporations and community

· Expanded training opportunities in the police & fire departments

· Maintenance of staffing levels

· Consider expanded Special Improvement District
· Evaluate development of additional structured parking
· Promote tourism - Summit identified as a "destination" City · Transit Village - Assess full impact of designation



~Continued investment in infrastructure
~ Added tech support for increasing reliance on applications ~ Cyber security assessment

. Communication

~ Development of a media plan

~ Additional staff support

Additional topics:

. Sense of Community
. Community Center Project
· Infrastructure Planning: Buildings; Maintenance; Roads 




Robert Steelman November 24, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I suggest that stakeholders ask probing questions about these goals. For example: What is meant by “promote tourism” and “destination city”? What are the criteria to be a “Transit Village”? What more can be said/studied about structured downtown parking? The category context is important here since it falls under the heading, Support of Downtown. Of course, these goals are connected to an increase in taxes for some by the proposed expansion of the “Special Improvement District” SID which is managed by Summit Downtown Inc, SDI board. Look up the ordinance Chapter XXI 21.1 to understand what’s going on with the SID.This review may lead to many other questions. For example: Should the SDI board take the lead on these goals or should city administration/common council define them? No mention is given this year about the unusually ordinance language that ties the SID expansion to funding a position of “retail recruiter” which has also been described as a downtown ombudsman to facilitate timely processing of permit applications and inspections. Do property owners need to pay more for service that city staff, volunteers and the private sector already provide?


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