Council Approves 2012 Budget; Introduces New Parking Ordinance

The plan to renovate DeForest Avenue Park & Shop lots and begin charging is set for May 15 hearing.

The Common Council met Tuesday night, here's what happened:


2012 Budget: The council moved to adopt the municipal operating budget for 2012, in the amount of $47,072,189. The average household with an assessed value of $405,000 will see a total tax increase of 3.6% percent, according to the city's Budget Snapshot.

Parking: Council also introduced a general services ordinance to amend the parking fees for the Deforest Park and Shop lots with a fee structure ranging from $1 to $20. A bond ordinance also was approved in the amount of $750,000 for improvements to the lot and to add an access control gate.


In other news:

  • Mayor Ellen Dickson announced new appointments to the Board of Education. Board president Michelle Stevenson will be stepping down in May.
  • Plans are moving forward to support a regional joint dispatch agreement, no word yet on when the plan would be finalized.
  • Board approved a 2012-2013 health services contract with Westfield Regional Board of Health.
T Durden April 18, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Rofl, I guess this is what we are going to get from this monolith of a council. A 3.6% tax increase!! Where are all the fiscal conservatives? Bueller? Bueller? A rainy day fund? Are you kidding me? Let's see, so they are going to keep a rainy day fund that will earn 0% and lose us 3% a year via inflation. + no contingencies on these funds so this council can use this for whatever pet projects they may deem "important". No thanks. Not to mention the raming through of the bond ordinance for the paid parking lot (that was approved?) . Who are the new BOE appointments? Transparency....
Max-M April 18, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Connecting with the Community. . .Public Dialogue What a disappointing outcome after campaigning as fiscal conservatives this is the result? After the public outcry on parking changes someones pet agenda is put in motion. I guess you will get your process correct this time - $750k really? Disappointing on many many levels.
David G. Formichella April 24, 2012 at 05:24 PM
What happened to the 2% cap?


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