Crossing Guard Approved For Ashland Road And Mountain Avenue

Five-point intersection was the scene of a fatality in 2009.

The Summit Common Council unanimously approved the hiring of a crossing guard who will be stationed at Ashland Road and Mountain Avenue at its Tuesday evening meeting. 

Second Ward Councilman Patrick Hurley, who has lived near the intersection for 18 years, said the resolution came about as the result of a resident petition.

In September, also at the request of residents, the council approved the reduction of the speed limit on Ashland Road between Pine Grove Avenue and Elm Place from 30 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour, where the intersection begins

Because Mountain Avenue is a county road, the city is limited in what it can modify, Hurley explained. While the city is doing what it can to control speed, "this is still a very bad intersection," the councilman said. 

The five-point intersection was the scene of a fatal accident in 2009. At the time, Hurley expressed his frustration that the city and the county did not do more than make just minor modifications.

"We're starting to work around the county as best we can," Hurley said.

Councilman Thomas Getzendanner said the city employs 27 crossing guards and asked if one of those might be moved from a lower-risk post to man this location. Hurley said the city will review all crossing guard locations, as neighborhood demographics shift over time, to see if all are still warranted. Hurley added that the city should not be too quick to pull any of them unless they are absolutely "unnecessary."

"The last thing we want is the fatality of a child walking to school," Hurley said.

Councilman Robert Rubino said the approval of this resolution serves as a good example of "responsive goverment" and recommended that if the public has a concern they should use the city's website, or take a photo, send it to City Hall and give the council a chance to investigate the matter.
Ra Ha December 05, 2013 at 09:09 AM
Easy solution. Pay for new crossing guard spots by ticketing anyone stopping on Oakland Place to drop off their child, where there are clear "NO STOPPING OR STANDING" signs in place. I am sadly waiting for an article about a child killed either due to parents pulling over on Oakland Place to drop off their child, or in the parking lot where some parents drive around the right side and drop their kids off there, or just enter the LCJSMS lot and drop their child off immediately, making the child walk or run through the parking lot so mommy or daddy can turn left and exit ASAP. I almost feel that dropping off on Morris would be safer than dropping off in the parking lot, because the children would not have to cross the parking lot at all.


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