Deer Culling Approved for Reeves-Reed Arboretum

Deer are aggressive and have damaged the nature of the arboretum, city officials said.

Deer who've been residing at the Reeves-Reed Arboretum and wreaking havoc on the botanical garden's landscape are officially on notice. 

At last Tuesday evening meeting, the Summit Common Council voted to approve a resolution to authorize deer culling at the Hobart Avenue arboretum. 

Councilman Patrick Hurley, who introduced the resolution, said 8 to 9 deer currently inhabit the 13.5-acre arboretum and are negatively impacting the nature of the space and its visitors. While the arboretum has tried to remove the deer, they return, he explained. Hurley said according to a study by Duke Farms, which runs a deer management workshop, the ideal deer density is 10 per square mile, or 640 acres. In this case, near that number is existing on 13.5 acres. 

"Basically there's nowhere for them to go," said Hurley, who noted that the program would be managed and controlled and the necessary permits, licenses and insurance certificates would be secured. Further, the arboretum has asked that 75 percent of the harvest be donated to food banks. 

The City said Monday that the arboretum and Union County are working together to manage important health and safety concerns before culling begins. The deer, which include two, six-point bucks, are extremely aggressive and have done thousands of dollars of damage to the property so far, according to the City. Despite its efforts, the arboretum has been unable to successfully herd the deer through the deer fence.
Ra Ha December 12, 2013 at 08:39 AM
The Nazis culled a lot of folks. Why not call it what it is?


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