I Support Eileen Forman Ludden for Mayor

Our beloved town of Summit would surely be well served to have Eileen at its helm.

What a pleasure it was to hear from Eileen that she was running for Mayor of Summit. 

It wasn’t that long ago that Eileen, I and a few other Moms sat in a circle brainstorming ways in which we could bring a program to Summit that would help special needs children, without costing the Board of Education any money. 

Ultimately this fantasy manifested as TryCan, a peer mentoring program that is now 3 towns strong, is run by the Summit Recreation Department and has touched the lives of many families who both need support and want to be of service to our very special community.  It was Eileen who brought not only the brains, but also the brawn to this project. 

Her commitment to community, her extreme prowess as a business woman and her fierceness as a mom and family advocate were the ingredients that took this germ of an idea, seemingly overnight, and turned it into a welcomed reality.  These same ingredients are exactly what’s needed to support Summit’s fiscal, educational and community progress.  Our beloved town of Summit would surely be well served to have Eileen at its helm.

I and my husband Steve strongly support Eileen Forman Ludden for Mayor of Summit.

Steve and Ava Schlesinger


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