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Lyndon LaRouche Campaign Supporters Set Up In Summit

So called Roosevelt Democrats table outside Summit post office with "Hitler" Obama poster.

Members of the Lyndon LaRouche campaign were tabling most of the afternoon in front of the today. Most people passing by gazed astonishingly at the poster that showed President Barack Obama with a Hitler style mustache.

One passerby yelled a four-letter word to the two-man crew. A woman on her way to the train station incredulously asked "Hitler?”

Margaret Fairchild January 16, 2012 at 03:08 AM
The poster is absolutely appropriate-Obama is worse than Dick Cheney! He has no qualms about being an absolute Dictator with no regard for Congress or the American people-his most egregious fasicst policy being the NDAA, in which Section 1031 allows for anybody, including American Citizens, to be INDEFINITELY DETAINED WITHOUT A TRIAL if suspected of being a terrorist!


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