Update: Public Planning Board Hearing on Trailer Classrooms at Franklin Set for Sept.

The Summit Planning Board will hold a public hearing on plans for temporary classrooms at Franklin Elementary School.

Update: According to the Planning Board the hearing on temoporary classroom units has been adjourned until Sept. 24. It will not take place on Monday night, Aug. 27, as previously reported.

During the summer, the voted on the use of modular classrooms to ease overcrowding at Franklin School. The Summit Planning Board is expected to hold a public hearing in September on the installation of those units at 136 Blackburn Road.

"Two temporary classroom units will be installed at  to house art and music before the end of November," Superintendent of Schools Nathan Parker .

Capacity issues at Franklin School have come to the forefront since the spring of last year, with parents speaking out during a .

The Summit Planning Board meeting is scheduled for 8p.m. on Monday at City Hall.


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