Security Cameras Could Be Installed By Summer

Program's initial phase would add three downtown cameras a year after fatal assault.

Director Beth Kinney and Chief Robert Lucid said the project to install video surveillance in several downtown locations could be implemented by this summer.

During the common council meeting Wednesday night, Kinney said that she and Lucid have been investigating hardware, software and infrastructure considerations since the of 47-year-old Abelino Mazareigo in July 2010 and that they could be installed by the first anniversary of the deadly attack.

There are several hurdles that must be managed, including compatibility with other existing and future networks, such as with the proposed .

"We are trying to be careful with the city’s money," Lucid said.

The three proposed locations for the initial implementation would be the Promendade park where Mazariego was killed, the movie theater, and several cameras by the aimed at Beechwood Road by .

Kinney said a second phase of implementation would include between 10 and 15 cameras at the city's two parking garages and then expanding to include the Village Green and the city's parks.

But the issue of video surveillance once again brought up a debate about allocation of police resources and disagreements regarding police department budget funding.

Resident Lauren Wiess, a friend of Shona Inggs whose 9-year-old daughter was last month when PVC piping was allegedly thrown off the top level of the parking garage, said she and many others recognize that resources are a consideration but she would like to see increased patrols in the downtown.

"It seems like we’ve had two big strikes now," she said. "We don’t want a third."

Julie Adams, a resident who said her home was robbed in the past, questioned why the council wasn't increasing the number of officers on patrol at any given time if that is said to be most effective in deterring crime, not surveillance cameras.

Councilwoman Ellen Dickson recalled the council's decision in 2009 to fund the city's police department at 46 officers with the retirement of two officers.

"Frankly we have a very safe city," Dickson said.

Councilman Michael Vernotico once again reiterated his diagreement with the council's decision to support only 46 officers and not fill vacanices when the two officers retired.

"I’m very disappointed that it wasn’t restored," he said.

Summithing2say April 21, 2011 at 10:17 PM
Cameras are great if you have someone to watch the monitors and cops to respond to the crime. Summit has neither. Otherwise all we have is grainy video after the fact. I see surveillance video on the news all the time. I can't really see what the perps look like in most of them from the tops of their heads. Nobody ever looks up and says "cheese!" This is another waste of money. If Dickson believes this is a very safe City, there should be no reason for her to allow this needless spending.
Donny April 25, 2011 at 04:23 AM
First comment is exactly correct, why waste money on something where most of the ineffective cops in Summit can't even contain the cities crimes right now. Not to mention Summit has too many cops, the fact they can't do the job is inexcusable. Wake up people.
Seth Cirker June 25, 2011 at 12:04 AM
This might be a good fit - check out a new safety technology called SituCon (www.situcon.com) that communities around the country are deploying which also protects privacy. It’s the best of both worlds – safety and privacy. This technology places “eyelids” over cameras, so that they are only opened when needed. It also gives individuals wireless emergency buttons - If danger arises, with the push of one of these buttons emergency notifications are sent to first responders, which detail who pressed the button and where they are in the building. At the same time, as the camera's eyelids open, live video of the situation can be viewed at dispatch centers and on smart phones. Saw this article about it: http://www.wickedlocal.com/marshfield/news/x1107764949/Cameras-installed-in-four-town-buildings#axzz1Pofo84AL
E Purcell June 25, 2011 at 08:34 PM
The security camera at the pay station at the Broad Street garage has had tape over it for weeks now.


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