Sweeney Disgusted with Ann Coulter Tweet

The state Senate president lashes out at a tweet by political commentator Ann Coulter that described President Obama as a "retard."

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney voiced his outrage Tuesday about a tweet by conservative political commentator Ann Coulter during the Oct. 22 presidential debate.

At one point during the debate, Coulter tweeted,"I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."

Her words drew the ire of many, including Sweeney, a Democratic state senator who sponsored legislation to remove the word "retard" from New Jersey laws and regulations in 2010. Sweeney, a West Deptford resident, also has a daughter who attends school in the Gloucester County Special Services School District.

In his statement, Sweeney said:

It really does not get any more despicable than this. I honestly don’t know if there is another person on this planet as shameless as Ann Coulter. She has no morals, no boundaries and no sense of common decency.

Her thoughtless remarks are meant to provoke and draw attention to whatever latest nonsensical ultra conservative rant she is peddling. I really have no words to describe her other than just a horrible person. I guess going after 9-11 widows was not enough for her. She now has to attack people with disabilities too.

This is not only insulting to millions of people across the country, but to me, it is personal. I have worked hard to scrub that word from our vocabulary forever, and with good reason: words matter. If Ann Coulter wants to get out from behind Twitter and have a face to face discussion with me on why she wishes to insult my daughter and the millions of people with developmental disabilities in this country, I will have it anytime, anywhere, any place.

Adding to the insult, Coulter detractors say, is that this isn't the first time the instigative commentator has used "retard" publicly. She did so in August and September, The Hollywood Reporter says

As in times past, advocacy groups denounced Coulter's use of the word. "Sad to see @AnnCoulter continue her use of hateful language by using the #Rword in her discourse,"tweeted the R-word Campaign, a movement to strike "retard" from speech.

Andre' Luboff October 24, 2012 at 10:40 PM
While I have absolutely no use for Ann Coulter or for that term, it is useful to remember that Obama himself referred to the "mentally disturbed" during the second debate discussion on the banning of assault weapons for private use (you can check the NY Times transcript). Having family that struggle with mental illness and emotional disabilities, the term "mentally disturbed is every bit as offensive as "retard" - and highly unpresidential. I also remember him taking a bit of heat (but not much) during his first year in office, when (on one of the late-night shows) he referred to his lack of aptitude at bowling as being reminiscent of someone in the Special Olympics - again, highly offensive and insensitive, and most certainly unpresidential. Why does Obama get a free ride on this sort of stuff?
John Correa October 26, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Whatever, I remember Ricky Gervais using mong excessively and he probably supports Obama. Bill Maher used the C word one somebody recently. Rush used slut againd Sandra Fluke and finally Don Imus used "nappy headed ho's" for a female basketball team. Get over this stuff America, I like being in a land where a sharp tongue can be used. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.


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