Celebrating International Day of the Girl

Kent Place School students recognize Day of the Girl.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on December 19, 2011, which, “…established a day to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world…a day for advocacy and action by and for girls…” On Thursday, October 11, Kent Place School celebrated the first-ever International Day of the Girl. 

“As an all-girls’ school, we wanted to join the global recognition of the International Day of the Girl and celebrate the importance of recognizing each girls’ voice around the world,” stated Head of School Sue Bosland.

In the morning, Upper and Middle School students gathered in the Great Room to read a formal proclamation prepared in recognition of the day’s activities:

WHEREAS, equality and universal access to education for every girl and boy are among the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals supported by 189 countries including the United States; and
WHEREAS, the United Nations established October 11 as the annual International Day of the Girl Child supported and co-sponsored by the United States and 97 other countries; and
WHEREAS, The “Day of the Girl” campaign calls on communities across the globe to recognize that girls worldwide face many injustices such as discrimination, gender stereotypes, child marriage and lack of education; and empowers girls to fight for their rights; and
WHEREAS, Kent Place School joins the campaign along with other organizations, and supports increasing girls’ participation in sports, science and math-related activities, high school graduation rate, and providing equal opportunities for all by speaking out against gender-based injustices, celebrating all girls’ potential, and encouraging all girls to pursue their dreams; and 
THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED that we, the Kent Place Community, hereby do proclaim October 11, 2012 as the Day of the Girl in our school.

Primary School students participated in a 10x10-sponsored activity. 10x10 (www.10x10act.org) is a non-profit project and social action campaign that amplifies the importance of investing in girls and compels people to action. The activity included the completion of an equation on a placard, which read, “Girls + Education =.” The students enthusiastically completed the equations with words such as, president, respect and equality.

Kent Place School, founded in 1894, is the largest nonsectarian, independent school for girls and young women in New Jersey.  For more information, please visit Kent Place online at www.kentplace.org.


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