Alumni Turn Out for Summit Turkey Bowl 2012

Turkey Bowl is set for Friday at 11a.m. at the Tatlock Center. Bring "A Game" and donations for Red Cross.

The smack talk on Twitter has already started. It's "A game" time.

In an annual tradition that brings Summit alumni back to the fields they once ran as youth, the 11th Annual Summit Turkey Bowl will take place at 11a.m. at Investor's Bank Field at the Tatlock Center.

Here's an explanation of how the Turkey Bowl works, from last year's Patch article:

The 10th edition of the Turkey Bowl featured four different squads of Hilltoppers football alums squaring off in seven-on-seven two-hand touch football. 

Each squad played two 30-minute games with each drive beginning at the 40-yard line. Because the players can only gain one first down (at the 20 yard line) on each possession, offense was at a premium.

"Not sure on numbers," said co-organizer said co-organizer Pat Natale (yes, of that Natale's). "But weather looks nice so I expect a good turnout."

The Hilltopper alums will also be collecting Sandy relief donations for the Red Cross.

For updated information check out:

Tweets by @SHS_TurkeyBowl


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