Meet Lifeguard Lauren Slamon

Fourth year lifeguard is a sophomore at Maryland.

The next time you're at the Summit Family Aquatic Center, keep an eye out for fourth year lifeguard Lauren Slamon.

Slamon got certified four years ago when a group of her friends decided to as well.  She started working at the SFAC that summer and has worked there ever since.  The decision to work at the pool was an easy one for Slamon; it's where her best friend and fellow lifeguard Cynthia Steele works.

"(Cynthia) was the main reason why I went to work there," said Slamon. "She made me get certified.  It's really nice to work with my best friend. It makes it a lot of fun. When I was younger I was kind of a pool rat, so it made sense to get paid to be here."

Slamon, a 2009 graduate from Summit High School, now attends the University of Maryland where she is majoring in biology.  The rising sophomore is considering adding French as a minor, though she hasn't quite figured out what she will end up doing.

"I am not really sure yet what I want to do," said Slamon.  "I don't want to do pre-med, but I like all of the things I can do with (biology).  It's a pretty diverse major."

During her freshman year, Slamon took the time took the time to get acclimated to life as a college student.  This next year she plans on getting even more involved with campus organizations.

"I'm part of the Red Cross Club," Slamon said, "so I go volunteer at some of the blood drives but school kind of consumed my life."

Being involved is nothing new to Slamon.  In high school she was on the softball team, the tennis team, and, appropriately, the swim team.

"I kind of swam everything," she said.  "I just went where they needed me.  I still swim laps sometimes.  Whenever I feel the need to get in the pool I go."

Another interesting fact about Slamon is that she was also involved with the drama club in high school, though not as an actress.  She was the seamstress for the school plays.

"My aunt taught me how to sew," she said. "We used to vacation at her house a lot because she lives in a really pretty spot on a lake.  Whenever it rained and we had to be inside she would show us how.  Then I had home economics and I already knew how to do it so it was really fun.  I didn't have to worry about where the stitches were going."

Slamon is enjoying life as a Terrapin.  Though the school is large, she doesn't feel like it is overwhelming.

"Even though it's very big, it feels very homey," said Slamon. "There's so much school spirit that you don't notice how many people are around you.  It's a very warm atmosphere."

Of course, there are things she misses about Summit.

"I go to school in the South, so it's nice that we have so many Italian restaurants here, because we definitely don't have them there," said Slamon. "It is not the same.  I walked into a grocery store with my roommate last semester and I was looking for bread.  She picked up a bag of Wonder Bread, and I had to explain that that was not what I was looking for."

Summit offers a lot of options, and Slamon's favorites include Randazzo's and Village Trattoria.  She also likes the variety that Summit has to offer.

"Whenever I go into town I don't stay in one spot," said Slamon.  "I always walk around.  I like to go onto Willow Street a lot.  They have nice things.  I like that it's small and you can walk wherever you need to go.  I don't have a car, so it being small makes it easy for me to get done what I need to get done.

Slamon returns to Maryland next week for school, so she will spend the next week getting in some quality time with her friends.

"We go to the movies a lot," said Slamon.  "We like to just hang out.  Every Sunday or Monday night we all get together to watch our favorite TV shows.  We have fun."

Say hi if you see her at the SFAC and stay tuned to Patch for the end of the View From the Tower series.


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