James Shackleford
James Shackleford has more than eight years of experience researching the almost forgotten history and stories behind slavery in South Brunswick, New Jersey. An avid historian with a passion for slave graveyards, his experience and knowledge has led him to become an expert on the history of slavery in Central Jersey. His achievements in research have been featured on History Hunters Episode 2 Cemeteries, which first aired May 9th 2003, Temple Anshe Emeth's Consultation on Conscience in 2006, radio interview on Air America in NYC and several interviews in various publications including the NY Times.
Started as a hobby, Mr. Shackleford has learned to take his passion in stride. Offering a rare blend of perseverance and dedication, he has achieved exciting opportunities, and is recognized for his success by the various presentations and speeches he has done throughout the area. His approach is to provide accurate background on the stories behind the people who are buried in the various graves. He has helped to preserve and uncover three sites, which until now were lost. Mr. Shackleford's work has had significant impact on the awareness and importance of preserving the remaining sites, many of which have suffered from neglect and vandalism. He continues to work with local and county officials to help safeguard and promote the history of slavery in New Jersey. Mr. Shackleford is a 20-year resident of South Brunswick, where he resides with his wife and three children. His keen interest has brought forward a little known time in the history of the township.
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